Modern Gifts for the . Home and Office

There is something special about an item that has been handcrafted, it possesses an energy that does not exist in a product that has been mass produced. Handcrafted items are personal and the attention the artist gives each piece becomes part of its' character with an essence that can be felt and appreciated by those who admire it.

I’ve been designing and creating for as long as I can remember, it is my passion. After earning my degree in Art and Design, I began my career designing displays for Neiman Marcus where I had the privilege of working with the worlds most exquisite merchandise. Working for Neimans fueled my appreciation for fine quality, the unique and unusual and for handcrafted workmanship. My creative freedom with them allowed my artistic talents to evolve and eventually they lead me into an entirely new direction, working with metal.

I think my passion for working with metal may be an inherited trait. My Grandfather was a metalworker and during his employment designed and created special tools in order to make his job more efficient. I came across these tools while rummaging through my Father's workshop. After he told me about their history and showed me how to work them I fell in love with metal, and so my business was born.

All of my designs are original and I personally handcraft each one of them in my Chicago area studio. The tools that I use to cut, form and shape the metal are powered by hand so the main energy source in creating each design is me. Each piece is made to order and because they are handcrafted no two are exactly alike. 

Being a minimalist by nature my contemporary style is a reflection of my belief that less is more. I love working with metal for many reasons but mainly because it is a totally recyclable resource. I work with stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Nothing goes to waste or ends up in a landfill. I use recycled materials whenever possible for creating as well as for packaging and shipping, doing what I can to help preserve our natural resources.

I love designing things that have yet to be seen and enjoy the challenge of putting a new twist on an old concept, making it fresh and new again. I receive such joy creating each and every piece. I hope that joy is reflected through my work.

Patricia Zilinsky